2018  All State Teams

 NCBCA 1A 2018 All State Team

Kain Kiser                         East Surry                   1A Player of the Year                         

Wesley Summey                Bessemer City HS                                                  

AJ Wilson                           East Surry                                                 

Bryce Vestal                       East Wilkes                                             

Carter Long                        North Moore                                          

Chandler Williams              Franklin Academy                                                 

Caleb Irwin                         Murphy High School                                            

Joey Curry                          Murphy High School                                            

Royce Peterson                  Murphy High School                                            

Lucas Barolet                      Murphy High School                                            

Andy Duran                         Queen's Grant High School                                               

Ben Ward                            John A.Holmes                                      

Devin Mathis                       Perquimans                                            

Mason Votava                     Perquimans                                            

Chance Howard                  Rosewood High School                                      

Jordan Leggett                    Beargrass Charter                                                

Hunter Forbes                     Beargrass Charter                                                

Andrew Summerlin              Riverside-Martin                                                   

Michael Allen                       Manteo HIgh School                                            

Parker Boyd                         Northside                                                 

Rhett Lowder                        North Stanly                                           

Logan Spivey                        South Stanly                                           

Hayden Brown                      South Stanly                                           

Chase Sykes                        Voyager High School                                           

Aaron Beasley                      Voyager High School                                           

Carson Lowder                     North Stanly                                           

Holden Owens                      Polk County High School                                                     

Joe Delossantos                   Granville Central High School                                        

Jake Craddock                      North Stokes High School                                                  

Layton Helms                        North Stokes High School                                                  

Jared Emory                          Cherryville HS                                        



Logan Whitaker                    Ledford                  2A Player of the Year                         

Seth Thorndyke                     Fairmont High                                       

Hunter Hopkins                      West Davidson                                                       

Ben Purvis                              West Davidson                                                       

Carter Foster                          Forbush High School                                           

Westley Wood                         Forbush High School                                           

Corbin  Lanowitz                     Walkertown                                           

Alex Ortiz                                West Wilkes                                           

Riley Ledford                           West Wilkes                                           

Jace Crowe                             RS Central                                                

Marty Barrella                          RS Central                                                

Stancil Bowles                         East Duplin                                              

Carrington Chapman               Bunker Hill HS                                        

Thaxton Isenhour                    Bunker Hill HS                                        

Cole Bates                               Currituck  HS 

Camden Noble                        South Lenoir High School      

Caleb Morris                            West Craven HS                                                     

Colby Mclawhorn                     North Lenoir HS                                                      

Chandler Williford                    Midway High School                                            

Davie Morgan                          Bunn High School                                                  

Brooks Baldwin                        Whiteville High School                                      

Jake Harwood                          Whiteville High School                                      

Tye Chastain                            Franklin High School                                           

Zach Grice                                West Stanly High School                                                    

Trey Cooper                              Randleman  HS                                           

Ramsey Petty                            Randleman  HS                                            

Matt Kemp                                 Randleman  HS                                            

Will Westbrock                          Charles D. Owen High  School                                     

Chris Villaman                           Ledford  HS                                                    

Brodey Sams                             First Flight HS                                              

Hayden Radford                        Mount Pleasant HS                                                    

Quentin Pittman                         North Lenoir HS                                                      



Owen White

Carson High School

3A Player of the Year



Colby Stuart

Western Alamance


Riley Cheek



Wayne Mize 

East Rowan 


Hayden Setzer

East Rowan 


Phillip Cole

Western Alamane HS      

Ryder Giles

Union Pines 


Hunter Christopher

JH Rose


Josh Dotson

AC Reynolds


Trey Deutsch 



Grant Millay

South Johnston


Chad Bean

Wilson Fike


Jaylen Guy

Southeast Guilford


Sam Howell

Sun Valley


Jason White

J M Robinson High School


Michael  "Junior" Renwick



Blake Walston

New Hanover


Davis Palermo

Northwood High School


Coby Ingle

Rockingham County High School


Bryce Marsh



Maddux Holshouser

Carson High School


Jax Hackett

Southeast Guilford


KJ Wells

Western Alamance


John Kyle Mitchell



Justice Lynn

Wilson Fike


Kyle Decker

North Henderson


Nathan Landreth

Western Alamance


Robbie O'Neal

DH Conley


Dalton Williams 

North Gaston High School


Alex Flinn

AC Reynolds


Jacob Edwards                     Southwest Guilford



4A All-State


Ben Miller


  Player of the Year

Jordyn Adams

Green Hope High School


Justin Jarvis

Lake Norman


Gage Smith

Lake Norman


Nolan McLean

Garner Magnet High School


JD Brock



Konni Durschlag

Mallard Creek High School


Timmy Townsend



Ethan Reese



Ryan Chasse

Middle Creek


Jake Knapp

Page High School


Cameron Clonch



Matt Willadsen

Holly Springs


Nick Fajardo



Drew Nichols

South Central


Garrett Saylor



Scott Mayo

South Central


Bryceson Hernandez

Panther Creek High School


Nik Pry



Scout Cox

West Forsyth


Trent Black

South Caldwell


Luke Little

East Mecklenburg


Price King

Ashley High School


Trey Tujetsch

Ardrey Kell


Brennan Malone

Porter Ridge


Own Foxx

South Caldwell


Luke Kimrey

East Forsyth


Jon Spillman



Hayden Summers

Northwest Guilford


Cameron Brantley

Ardrey Kell








Case Kermode

Wayne Country Day School

Amane Godo

Wayne Country Day School

Avery Browning

Wayne Country Day School

Justin Holland

Greenfield School

Jaxon Anderson

Wayne Christian School

Jaxon Bauer

Wayne Christian School

Colby WIlkerson

Kerr Vance Academy

Cam Murphy

Kerr Vance Academy

Wil Short

Ker Vance Academy

Tevon Canady

Northwood Temple

Ryan Rowe

Northeast Academy

Charles Atkins

Lawrence Academy

Wyatt Whitley

Ridgecroft School

Andy Cook

Hickory Christian Academy

Tyler Laws

Statesville Christian School




Hunter Johnson

Freedom Christian

Alec Hunter

Westchester Country Day School

Troy Langmeyer

Caldwell Academy

Tommy McCollum

Calvary Day School

Connor Bright

Arendell Parrott Academy

Graham Barefoot

Arendell Parrott Academy

Trey McLawhorn

Arendell Parrott Academy

Josh Lallo

Cary Christian

Lucas Martino

Carmel Christian

Andrew Alejandro

Westminster Catawba Christian School

Jeremy de los Santos

Westminster Catawba Christian School

Ben Vanderkwaak

Asheville Christian Academy

Will Stewart

Rocky Mount Academy

Sam Mills

Faith Christian School

Ethan Davis

Rocky Mount Academy




Jason Hudak

Southlake Christian Academy

Bailey Jones

Southlake Christian Academy

Josh Haney

Southlake Christian Academy

Brett Kerry

Wesleyan Christian Academy

Caleb Cozart

Wesleyan Christian Academy

Kameron Heath

High Point Christian Academy

Nate Essick

Forsyth Country Day School

Joe McDarris

Cary Academy

Michael Jaffe

Durham Academy

Justin Murray

Providence Day School

Matthew Siverling

Charlotte Christian School

J.T. Killen

Charlotte Christian School

Owen Tappy

Providence Day School

Trey Donathan

Charlotte Christian School

Jonah Beamon

Charlotte Christian School

2017 NCBCA All State Teams

2017 NCBCA Class 1A

1A Player of the Year: MacKenzie Gore {Whiteville High School} Brett Harwood






Dawson Thornton

Douglas Burley

Union High


Wesley Summey

Philip Russ

Bessemer City High School


AJ Wilson

Chad Freeman

East Surry High School


Lucas Wier

Lenny Fairfield

Franklin Academy HS


Isaac Wier

Lenny Fairfield

Franklin Academy HS


Aaron Beasley

Pete Shankle



Conner Harrison

Leonard Allen



Joe Wiggins

Leonard Allen



Andrew Summerliin

Leonard Allen



Christian Yarbrough

Heath Whitfield

Spring Creek


Carson Lowder

Will Davis

North Stanly


Will Moore

Will Davis

North Stanly


Josh Robledo

Bobby Smith



Brooks Baldwin

Brett Harwood

Whiteville HS


Gage Riddick

Jacob Harrell

Gates County High School


Ron Olsen

Jacob Harrell

Gates County High School


Joey Curry

Adam Clonts

Murphy High School


Caleb Irwin

Adam Clonts

Murphy High School


Wes Phthisic

Justin Roberson

Perquimans County High School


Blake Jordan

Justin Roberson

Perquimans County High School


Jonathan Peacock

Jason King

Rosewood High School


Derek Neal

Jason King

Rosewood High School


Kolby Harris

Jason King

Rosewood High School


Nate Klubert

Barry Moore

Granville Central High School


Joe Delossantos

Barry Moore

Granville Central High School


Carlton Jackson

Scott Heavner

Cherryville HS


Layton Helms

Stephen Sauer

North Stokes


Jordan Berry

Terry Perry

Beargrass charter


Braxton Manning

Terry Perry

Beargrass charter


2017 NCBCA Class 2A

2A Player of the Year: Justin Bullock {South Granville} Jeff Tate


Player Name

Head Coach Name



Turtle Windish

Michael Windish

Ashe County High School


Alex Ortiz

Drew Ward

West Wilkes


Holden Owens

Billy Alm

Polk County


Dakota DeLisi

Corey Skinner

Ayden-Grifton High School


Garrett Tyndall

David Combs

South Lenoir High School


Dillon Phillips

Chadd Fowler

R-S Central


Jace Crowe

Chadd Fowler

R-S Central


Phillip Boykin

Ryan Meadows

North Pitt


Trey Jernigan

Ryan Meadows

North Pitt


Caden O'brien

David Williams

Maiden High


Will Lancaster

Michael MacCay

Lexington Senior High School


Kendal Tucker

Tony Martin

North Surry High School


Tyler Myers

Seth Reece

Surry Central High School


Skylar Brooks

Terry Johnson

Wilkes Central High School


Houston Koon

Terry Johnson

Wilkes Central High School


Nate Kinsch

Chris Matile

East Lincoln HS


Alec Burleson

Chris Matile

East Lincoln HS


Jeremiah Locklear

Kelly Chavis

St. Pauls High School


Jacob Oxendine

Kelly Chavis

St. Pauls High School


Davie Morgan

Chris Cullom



Colby Warren

Mark Snead

Roanoke Rapids


Cameron Rogerson

Mark Snead

Roanoke Rapids


Josh Searcy


East Rutherford HS


Kendall McGowan


East Rutherford HS


Jackson Murray

Brandon Thigpen

East Duplin High School


Holden Laws

Jeff Tate

South Granville


Tucker Brown

Jeff Tate

South Granville


Luke Bradshaw

Jeff Tate

South Granville


Dylan Radford

Brian Ford

North Johnston


Bailey Welch

Jake Smith



2017 NCBCA 3A Class

3A Player of the Year: Owen White {Carson High School} Chris Cauble


Player Name

Head Coach Name



Jake Kuchmaner

Mark Mennitt

Marvin ridge


Chris Banks

Bryan Craig

AC Reynolds


Jason Cornatzer

Mark Mennitt

Marvin Ridge


RJ Conner

Jeff Peck

Statesville High


Eric Robinson

Bill Hillier



Parker Clayton

Brett Hoogkamp

Asheboro High School


Tristan Marsh

Brett Hoogkamp

Asheboro High School


David Harrison

Patrick Smith

Rocky Mount


Cameron Kepley

Ronnie Bost

Central Cabarrus HS


Cody Whaley

Charles Davis

CB Aycock


Adolfo Correa-Pena

Justin King

North Henderson


Topher Grant

David Miller

Southern Lee


Bennett Nance

Jeffery Roberts

Morehead High School


Coby Ingle

George Barber

Rockingham county


Cameron Cotter

Landon Kimrey

Northern Guilford


JT Jarrett

Landon Kimrey

Northern Guilford


Riley Cheek

Steven Hodge

Crest High School


Matt Oldham

Thomas Parks

Northwood High School


Johnathan Carlyle

TJ Spivey

West Brunswick


Austin Murphy

Benji Nelson

Northern Vance


Logan Whitaker

Chris Adams

Ledford HS


Chris Villaman

Chris Adams

Ledford HS


Colby Emmertz

Aaron Rimer



Dwight Daniels

Buck Edmundson

Wilson Fike


Austin Primm

Jesse Martin

North Gaston


Michael Renwick

Matt James



Chandler Blackwelder

Brian Hightower

East Rowan


John Owen

Brian Hightower

East Rowan


Riley Cameron

Eric Marion

Union Pines


Jake Thomas

Jevon Wade

Lee County HS


2017 NCBCA 4A Class

4A Player of the Year: Austin Beck {North Davidson High School} Matt Griffin


Player Name

Head Coach Name



Camden Munise

Rodney Whitesell

Holly Springs High


Ben Miller

Aaron Brown

Jordan High School


Syncere Pittman

Pat McRae

South Central


Will Sprinkle

Gary Nail

Reagan HS


Alsander Womack

Kevin Glossner

Charlotte Catholic


Connor Norby

Drew Dull

East Forsyth


Jordyn Adams

Michael Miragliuolo

Green Hope High School


Noah Jones

Jason Mills

DH Conley


Nolan McLean

Derik Goffena



Cooper Fandel

Daniel Cooke



Gregory Hardison

Ronald Vincent



Nick Swiney

Jimmy Cochran

Hough HS


Tyshawn Barrett

Ronald Vincent

Rose High School


Bailey Dees

Jimmy Cochran



Ray Torres

Danny Hignight



Timmy Townsend

Danny Hignight



Luke Little

Clinton Koppe

East Mecklenburg


Joe Butts

Matt Griffin

North Davidson High School


Matt Baucom

Empsey Thompson

A.L. Brown


Will Butcher

Eric Filipek

TC Roberson


Eric Wallington

Eric Filipek

TC Roberson


Garrett Blaylock

Eric Filipek

TC Roberson


Kyle Blendinger

Reid Holmes

Southwest Guilford


Canaan Silver

Alex Smith

McDowell High School


Caleb Bishop

Richard Foy

New Hanover High School




Southeast Guilford


Seth Caddell

Jeff Hewitt



Zach Martinez

Jeff Hewitt



Hunter Hood

Josh Plisko

West Johnston


Justin Guy

Dave Beasley

Southeast Guilford


Cameron Brantley

Hal Bagwell

Ardrey Kell


Landon Choboy

Guy Civitello

Leesville Road




Mitch Turnage

Wayne Country Day School

Jabe Montgomery

Kerr Vance Academy

Jarrett Harrell

Lawrence Academy

BJ Lomax

Statesville Christian School

Chance Chavis

Northwood Temple Academy

Ted Suggs

Wayne Christian School

Colby Wikerson

Kerr Vance Academy

Slade Cowan

Lawrence Academy

Wood Trowell

Lawrence Academy

John Strickland

Wayne Country Day School

Holden Foster

Wayne Christian School

Austin Roscoe

Terra Ceia Christian School

Cedric Kirby

Greenfield School

Austin Goins

Oakwood School

Heath Yow

Lee Christian School


Chance Bryant

Harrells Christian Academy

Connor Bright

Arendell Parrott Academy

Jeremy De Los Santos

Westminster Catawba Christian School

Seth Morgan

Northside Christian Academy

Alec Huffstickler

Northside Christian Academy

JT Agosto

Northside Christian Academy

Trey Holland

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Landen Roupp

Faith Christian Academy

Reid Johnston

Rocky Mount Academy

Ben Lewis

Faith Christian Academy

Braxton Varnell

Faith Christian Academy

Troy Langmeyer

Caldwell Academy

Jeremiah Foster

Westchester Country Day School

Preston Draughn

Calvary Day School

Chase Pyrtle

Westchester Country Day School


Jason Hudak

Southlake Christian Academy

Josh Haney

Southlake Christian Academy

William Fleming

Christ School

Mike Reynolds

Christ School

Dawson Dupree

Wake Christian Academy

Andrew Durden

Charlotte Christian School

Zach Iverson

Providence Day School

Drew Donathan

Charlotte Christian School

Jonah Beamon

Charlotte Christian School

John Hosmer

Charlotte Country Day School

Scottie Wallace

Charlotte Christian School

Luke Davis

Wesleyan Christian Academy

Brett Kerry

Wesleyan Christian Academy

Brody Lawson

High Point Christian Academy

Patrick Bailey

Wesleyan Christian Academy



2016 All State Teams (Public and Private)

2016 NCBCA Class 4A All State Team

Phillip Sanderson         DH Conley

Mitch Spence                Green Hope

Chris Joyner                 Green Hope

Kobe Phillips                 Butler

Dean Looney                 Butler

Grayson Chapman        Alexander Central

Brad Pennington           Hoggard

Jake Isbell                      Holly Springs

Logan Davidson            Providence

Jake Holtzapple             Providence

Timmy Townsend         Providence

Cory Wood                    Sanderson

Bryant Packard             DH Conley

Noah Jones                   DH Conley

Spencer Smith              Northern Durham

Anthony Fucci               Mooresville

Mark Miller                     Mooresville

Camden Williamson     Dudley High

Rian Haire                      South Caldwell

Jonathan Lee                Richmond Senior

Nicholas Swiney           Hough

River Ryan                     North Mecklenburg

Laney Orr                       Reynolds

Alex Vanderstok            West Forsyth

Kyle Blendinger             Northwest Guilford

Canaan Silver                 McDowell

Edward EP Reese          North Davidson

Austin Beck                    North Davidson

Laney Orr                        RJ Reynolds

Nic Pry                             Pinecrest

4A Player of the Year – Logan Davidson – Providence High School


2016 NCBCA Class 3A All State Team

Kyle Cagle                        A.C. Reynolds

Luke Patrick                     Crest

Grayson Jenkins             Crest

Riley Cheek                      Crest

Will Wilson                       Kings Mountain

Payton Rice                     Topsail

McKinley Scott                North Gaston

Angel Zarate                    Rockingham County

Jake Kuchmaner             Marvin Ridge

Alex Leshock                   Marvin Ridge

Jason Cornatzer              Marvin Ridge

Matt Absher                     Kings Mountain

Tyler Keenan                    Cleveland

Ryan Flores                      Cleveland

Logan Whitaker                Ledford

Owen White                      Carson

Bryse Wilson                    Orange

Brad Debo                         Orange

Ike Freeman                      East Rowan

Austin Love                       West Rowan

John Owen                        East Rowan

Carter Williams                 Northeast Guilford

Topher Grant                     Southern Lee

Nick Hebert                       Chapel Hill

Johnathan Carlyle            West Brunswick

Kevin Powers                    West Brunswick

Kyle Davis                         Charles B. Aycock

Andrew Robinson             Eastern Guilford 

Jacob Williamson             Hunt

Jake Thomas                    Lee County

3A Player of the Year - Bryse Wilson - Orange High School


2016 NCBCA Class 2A All State Team

Justin Bullock South       Granville High School

Kevin Robinson                Bunker Hill High School

Jarratt Mobley                   SouthWest Edgecombe High School

Holden Laws                     South Granville High School

Spencer Shifflett               South Granville High School

Nick Beaver                       Parkwood High School

Josh Johnson                   Reidsville High School

Noah Johnson                  Reidsville High School

Seth Thorndyke                Fairmont High School

Cole Lovin                        Fairmont High School

Spencer Brickhouse        Bunn High School

Davie Morgan                   Bunn High School

Ethan Stewart                  East Rutherford High School

Kendall McGowan           East Rutherford High School

Reece Oliver                    East Rutherford High School

Doulton Anderson          West Davidson High School

Chase Chandler              North Surry High School

Kendal Tucker                 North Surry High School

Blake McLean                 North Johnston High School

Steven Worley                North Johnston High School

Sam High                         West Lincoln High School

Dalton Brooks                West Lincoln High School

Alec Burleson                 East Lincoln High School

Jacob Oxendine              St. Pauls High School

Nick Horvath                   Roanoke Rapids High School

Colby Warren                  Roanoke Rapids High School

Caleb Webster                Randleman High School

Trevor Clemons              Randleman High School

Bailey Welch                   Randleman High School

Zac Kemp                        Randleman High School

2A Player of the Year – Justin Bullock - South Granville High School


2016 NCBCA Class 1A All State Team

Jacob Faulkner                Franklin Academy

Lucas Wier                       Franklin Academy

Robbie Robledo               Walkertown

Tyler Smith                       East Surry

Noah Eaker                      Cherryville

Tyler Sanders                  Cherryville

Randall Long                   Cherryville

Austin Treadway             Cherryville

Sawyer Lee                      South Stanly

Vance Deese                    South Stanly

Trey Lisk                          South Stanly

Jarrod Swaringen           South Stanly

Will Rouse                       Spring Creek

Tyler Beyel                       Camden

Drew Lathem                   Camden

Will Moore                        North Stanly

Holden Davis                   North Stanly

Chase Vaden                   North Stokes

Jake Chesnet                   North Stokes

Aaron Beasley                 Voyager Academy

Tanner Flowers                Princeton

Matt Daughtry                  Princeton

Mackenzie Gore               Whiteville

Brooks Baldwin               Whiteville

Joey Curry                       Murphy

Corey Sherrod                 Tarboro

Michael Stroman             Trask

Justin Greene                  Mitchell

Justin Burleson               Mitchell

Luke Tipton                     Mitchell

1A Player Of The Year  -  Mackenzie Gore  - Whiteville High School


2016 NCBCA Baseball NCISAA All State Teams

2016 NCISAA 1A Baseball All State Team
1. Zarion Sharpe / Oakwood School
2. Daniel Wilkerson / Kerr Vance Academy
3. Jarrett Harrell / Lawrence Academy
4. Tyler Jones / Lawrence Academy
5. Jackson Carriere / Oakwood School
6. Jabe Montgomery / Kerr Vance Academy
7. Mitch Turnage / Wayne Country Day School
8. BJ Lomax / Statesville Christian School
9.  Austin Goins / Oakwood School
10. Chance Chavis / Northwood Temple Christian Academy
11. Cedric Kirby / Greenfield School
12. John Strickland / Wayne Country Day School
13. Jake Taylor / Greenfield School
14. Luke Taylor / Greenfield School
15. Will Cooke / Oakwood School

2016 NCISAA 2A Baseball All State Team
1. London Roupp / Faith Christian School
2. Zaccaeus Rasberry / Arendell Parrott Academy
3. Seth Morgan / Northside Christian Academy
4. Connor Bright / Arendell Parrott Academy
5. Braxton Varnell / Faith Christian School
6. Will Shields / Westchester Country Day Schohol
7. Logan Collie / Asheville Christian Academy
8. Reid Johnston / Rocky Mount Academy
9. Alec Huffstickler / Northside Christian Academy
10. Drew Epling / Calvary Baptist Day School
11. Tyrese Hearst / Westchester Country Day
12. Jeremiah Foster / Westchester Country Day
13. Luke Mills / Faith Christian School
14. Tommy McCollum / Calvary Baptist Day School
15. Hunter Johnson / Freedom Christian Academy

2016 NCISAA 3A Baseball All State Team
1. Carter King /  Rabun Gap School
2. Will Fleming /  Christ School
3. Colin Geier /  Metrolina Christian Academy
4. James Decker /  Metrolina Christian Academy
5. George Carroll /  Providence Day School
6. Drew Donathan /  Charlotte Christian School
7. Trent Alley /  Charlotte Country Day School
8. Cole Lippincott /  Cannon School
9. Will Madairy /  Providence Day School
10. Brody Lawson /  High Point Christian Academy
11.  Patrick Bailey /  Wesleyan Christian Academy
12. Dylan Wilkinson /  High Point Christian Academy
13. Riley Isenhour /  Wesleyan Christian Academy
14. Luke Gesell /  High Point Christian Academy
15. Brandon Stephens /  Wake Christian Academy


2015 4A All State

1.  Cameron Brantley - Ardrey Kell

2.  Aaron Pilkington - Ardrey Kell

3.  Kobe Phillips - Butler

4.  Bryant Packard - DH Conley

5.  Camden Williamson - Dudley

6.  Austin Harris - Fuquay-Varina

7.  Kier Meredith - Glenn

8.  Drew Ober - Hough

9.  CJ White - JM Robinson

10. Josh Ladowski - Lake Norman

11. Andrew Papp- Leesville Road

12. Jack Conley- Leesville Road

13. Tommy Bullock - Mooresville

14. Spencer Smith - Northern Durham

15. Andrew Moritz - Providence

16. Jake Holtzapple - Providence

17. Logan Welch - RJ Reynolds

18. Bailey Steed - Southeast Guilford


2015 4A Honorable Mention


19. Dean Looney - Butler

20. Tate Pennington - Butler

21. Caleb Bissette - Fuquay-Varina

22. Justin Williams - Independence

23. Zach Little - Lake Norman

24. Alex Royalty - Milbrook

25. Anthony Fucci - Mooresville

26. Colin Schmid- New Bern

27. Colby Vance - Pine Forest

28. Austin Leonard - Providence

29. Andrew Fishel- Providence

30. Logan Harris - South View
31. James Jacobs - South View
32. DJ Artis - Southeast Guilford


4A Player of the Year

Josh Hiatt - Providence

2015 3A All State

1.   Bobby Hampton - CB Aycock

2.   Tyler Keenan - Cleveland

3.   Matt Bridges - Crest

4.   Bradley Keller - Crest

5.   Brandon Winstead - Fike

6.   Colton Henthorne - Hibriten

7.   Alston Scott - Lee

8.   Bryse Wilson - Orange
9.   Caleb Baucom – Piedmont

10. Angel Zarate - Rockingham County

11. Logan Hales - Terry Sanford

12. Justin Walke - Terry Sanford

13. Sam Zahran - Terry Sanford

14. Danny Wilson - Topsail

15. Clark Cota - Topsail

16. Tyler Vaughn - Triton

17. Brandon Riley - Walter Williams

18. Blake Deatherage - Western Alamance


2015 3A Honorable Mention


19. Kyle Cagle - AC Reynolds

20. Cory Watt - AC Reynolds

21. David Daniels - Fike

22. Michael Horrell - Ledford

23. Brad Debo - Orange

24. Thomas Tatham - Pisgah

25. Jake Madole - Topsail


3A Player of the Year 

Max Wotell - Marvin Ridge

2015 2A All State

1.   Chris Cox - East Lincoln

2.   Noah Linhart - Hendersonville

3.   Justin Sparks - Hendersonville

4.   Kyle Hawley - Midway

5.   Donell Donell - North Lenior

6.   Luke Jackson - North Lenior

7.   Nick Wilson - North Surry

8.   Tyler Sutton - North Pitt

9.   Trevor Clemons - Randleman

10. Ty Adcock - South Granville

11. Juston Bullock - South Granville

12. Justin Brown - South Granville

13. Cal Raleigh - Smoky Mountain

14. Justin Freeman- West Davidson

15. Will Smith - West Stanley

16. Hunter Martin - West Stanley

17. Evan Adams - Wilkes Central

18. Caleb Webster - Randleman

2A Player of the Year

Matthew Barefoot - Midway

2015 1A All State

1. Tyler Beyel - Camden County

2. Hunter Jackson - Cherryville

3. Alston Mosteller - Cherryville

4. Randall Long - Cherryville

5. Daniel Brinegar - Elkin

6. Justin Greene - Mitchell

7. Luke Tipton - Mitchell

8. Nathan Gardner - Perquimans County

9. Parker Brann - Roxboro Community

10. Sawyer Lee - South Stanley

11. Vance Deese - South Stanley

12. Allen Coor - Spring Creek

13. Chad Spurgeon - Spring Creek

14. Kiki Kornegay - Voyager

15. Austin Garrett - Walkertown

16. Gavin Herring - Wallace-Rose Hill

17. Turner Brown- Whiteville

18. Connor Grainger - Whiteville

1A Player of the Year

MacKenzi Gore - Whiteville



2014 4A All State

1.  Rian Haire - South Caldwell

2.  Riley Smith - Alexander Central

3.  Doug Norman - Ardrey Kell

4.  Ryder Ryan - North Mecklenburg

5.  Braxton Davidson - T.C. Robeson

6.  James Hickes - Independence

7.  Alex Vanderstock - West Forsyth

8.  Mason Striplin - Glenn

9.  Zach Canada - Southeast Guilford

10. Steven Oakley - Jordan

11. Connor Baldy- Sanderson

12. Brett Clark- Clayton

13. Brett Daniels - Fuquay-Varina

14. Chandler Seagle - New Bern

15. Danile Oxendine - Lumberton

16. Tyree Johnson - New Hanover

17. Trey Jacobs - Southview

18. Brian Miller - Millbrook

19. Alex Royalty - Millbrook

20. Gunner Deal - Millbrook

21. Colson Everett - Northwest Guilford

22. Aaron Pilkington - Ardrey Kell

23. Zack Featherstone - Ardrey Kell

24. Matt Ball - Providence

25.Tommy DeJuneas - Providence

26. D.J. Burt - Fuquay-Varina

27. Michael Bates - West Forsyth

28. Thomas Yoder - Green Hope

29. Cam Johnson - Wake Forest

30. Daniel Duloney - Sanderson
31. Shane Shepard - Ashley
32. Troy Maslowski - Green Hope
33. Logan Welch - RJ Reynolds
34. Brighton Hudson - Garner
35. Stephen Pitarra - Green Hope
36. Jordan Bissette - Fuquay-Varina
37. Kory Behenna - Riverside
38. Justin Baker - Hough
39. Andre Moritz - Providence
40. Triston Glover - Independence
41. Bailey Sugg - Rose
42. Brad Brown - Richmond
43. Nick Ballard - Richmond
44. Devin Sweet - Southeast Guilford
45. Jake Whittingham - Butler
46. Josh Maciejewski - Panther Creek


2014 3A All State

1.   Storm Edwards - West Henderson

2.   Mason Fox - Pisgah

3.   Alex Destino - North Buncombe

4.   Bryce Hensley - A.C. Reynolds

5.   Mason Smith - North Gaston

6.   Alex Bivins - Burns

7.   Jordan Fulbright - Fred T. Foard

8.   Brett Pope - West Iredell
9.   Michael Caldwell – East Rowan

10. Connor Johnson - East Rowan

11. David Kuchmoner - Marvin Ridge

12. David Nash - Piedmont

13. Ryan Hedrick- Southern Guilford

14. Hunter Morgan - Northern Guilford

15. Brock Deatheridge- Western Alamance

16. Bradley Debo - Orange

17. Bryce Wilson - Orange

18. Stephen Scott - Cardinal Gibbons

19. Andrew Hendrickson - Terry Sanford

20. Trent Fennel - Triton

21. Joe Johnson - South Johnston

22. Houston Hamilton - Triton

23. Charlie Vaughn - Fike

24. Bobby Hampton - C.B. Aycock

25. Trent Hansley - Topsail

26. Clark Cota - Topsail
27. Ryan Thompson - Jacksonville
28. Ethan Horne - Richlands
29. Corey Sikes - Piedmont
30. Julian Smith - Cox Mill
31. Bradley Keller - Crest
32. Luke Robinson - Eastern Guilford
33. Blake Deatheridge - Western Alamance
34. Tanner Muse - Southpoint

2014 2A All State

1.   Chandler Simmerson - West Davidson

2.   Taylor Powell - Draughn

3.   Landon Latchworth - North Lenoir

4.   Colton Chapman - Bunker Hill

5.   Chance Leggett - Fairmont

6.   Wes Brady - Polk County

7.   Tripp Hamrick - East Rutherford

8.   Aaron Rudisell - Maiden

9.   Austin Staley - Wilkes Central

10. Justin Sparks - Hendersonville

11. Sam Linn - Hendersonville

12. Tyler Adcock - South Granville

13. Hunter Thompson - South Granville

14. Kyle Hawley- Midway

15. Matthew Barefoot - Midway

16. Ryan Ross - Mount Pleasant

17. Spencer Brickhouse - Bunn

18. Christian Sledge - Bunn

19. Jacob Washer - West Stokes

20. Jake Ashorn - Farmville Central

21. Jordan Eckard - Bunker Hill

22. Shelton Perkins - North Brunswick

23. Evan Voliva - Currituck
24. Tanner Routh - Randleman
25. Jackson Koenig - Providence Grove
26. Caleb Webster - Randleman
27. Tyler Smith - North Lenoir
28. Taylor Calcutt - Midway
29. Spencer Brown - Carrboro
30. Cal Raleigh - Smokey Mountain
31. Luke Clark - Midway

2014 1A All State


1. Parker Brann - Roxboro Community

2. Jaren Winstead - Roxboro Community

3. Chad Sykes - Voyager

4. Justin Lindquist - Granville Central

5. Zack Almond - North Stanly

6. Justin Crump - Albemarle

7. Brian Blanton - Catawba

8. Nate Gardner - Perquimans

9. Tyler Marion - East Surry

10. Scott Meredith - East Surry

11. Zack Pait - Whiteville

12. Mckenzie Gore - Whiteville

13. Kyle Leggett - Riverside

14. Christian Hilty - Lincoln Charter

15. Austin Easter - Alleghany

16. Noah Poteat - Rosman

17. E. J. Jenkins - West Columbus

18. Turner Brown- Whiteville

19. Hunter Coates - Voyager

20. Kiki Kornegay - Voyager

21. Reid Howell - Rosewood

22. Joseph Lewis - East Carteret

23. Ryan Arthur - Northside

24. Zac Brown - West Stanly
25. Emmett Herring - Wallace-Rose Hill
26. Trey Page - North Duplin
27. Alston Mosteller - Cherryville
28. Tyler Polsgrove - Avery County
29. Brad Bennett - Pamlico
30. Dillon Zachery - Rosman
31. Lathan Christian - Camden County
32. Ethan Reep - Highland Tech
33. Hunter Wolfington - Walkertown



2013 4A All State

1.  Tyler Hardee - Sanderson

2.  Brian Nobles - Millbrook

3.  Daniel Dulaney - Sanderson

4.  Drew Beaver - North Davidson

5.  Brighton Hudson - Garner

6.  Justin Carroll - West Johnson

7.  Ryder Ryan - North Mecklenburg

8.  Devin Sweet - SE Guilford

9.  Bryan Sammons - Hoggard

10. Joe Ingle - Terry Sanford

11. Nathan Arp - Terry Sanford

12. Bub DeLuca - Riverside

13. Wood Myers - Jordan

14. Adam Swim - Northwest Guilford

15. Scudder - East Forsyth

16. Nick Bullard - Richmond County

17. Bradley Brown - Richmond County

18. Earl Oliver - South Mecklenburg

19. Harris Yett - South Mecklenburg

20. Logan Koch - South Mecklenburg

21. Garrett Suggs - Fuquay-Varina

22. Brett Daniels - Fuquay-Varina

23. Brian Fortier - Holly Springs

24. Thomas Yoder - Green Hope

25. Logan Redmond - Olympic

26. Ryder Jones - Watauga

27. Ivan Acuna - Hopewell

28. Logan Sherer - East Mecklenburg

29. Parker Johnson - T.C. Roberson

30. Braxton Davidson - T.C. Roberson
31. Zach Garrison - Northern Durham
32. D.J. Burt - Fuquay-Varina


4A Player of the Year

Ryder Jones - Watauga

2013 3A All State

1.   Alex Destino - North Buncombe

2.   Nick Debo - Orange

3.   Adam Pate - C.B. Aycock

4.   Zach Littell - Eastern Alamance

5.   Brock Deatheridge - Western Alamance

6.   Tanner Bigham - Northwest Cabarrus

7.   Davis Kirkpatrick - D.H. Conley

8.   T.J. McDonald - Gray's Creek
9.   Markel Jones – West Brunswick

10. Ryan Hedrick - Southern Guilford

11. Chandler Taylor - West Brunswick

12. Robbie Thorburn - Cardinal Gibbons

13. Alex Bostic - Weddington

14. Matt Boyd - D.H. Conley

15. Nick Hastings - Crest

16. Jon Evans - Orange

17. Daniel Calabria - Weddington

18. Sean Collins - Weddington

19. Bryant Packard - D.H. Conley

20. Aaron Biggerstaff - South Point

21. Derek Perry - South Point

22. Ethan Carpenter - Burns

23. Tyler Stroupe - East Davidson

24. Evan Voliva - Currituck

25. Jake Barbee - Hickory Ridge

26. Cameron Crisp - West Henderson


3A Player of the Year 


2013 2A All State

1.   Justin King - Northwood

2.   Robert Straughn - Northwood

3.   Andrew Webster - Northwood

4.   Mark Carraway - East Carteret

5.   Casey Golden - Jordan-Matthews

6.   Easton Welch - Randleman

7.   Clay Lochman - Roanoke Rapids

8.   Colby Barnette - Piedmont

9.   Cameron Price - Piedmont

10. Cory Sykes - Piedmont

11. Parker Kelly - First Flight

12. Brian Bauk - Salisbury

13. Clark Cota - Topsail

14. Jared Strange - North Brunswick

15. Shelton Perkins - North Brunswick

16. Kevon Perkins - North Brunswick

17. Jason Hood - Whiteville

18. Alex Britt - Fairmont

19. Chance Leggett - Fairmont

20. Hunter Harvey - Bandys

21. Chase Ssunders - Wheatmore

22. Austin Capp - Providence Grove

23. Chris Perry - North Pitt


2A Player of the Year

Cameron Price - Piedmont

2013 1A All State

1. Chase Poplin - South Stanly

2. Austin Smith - South Stanly

3. Jordan Starnes - South Stanly

4. Russ Weiker - South Stanly

5. Chad Sykes - Voyager

6. Loy Stone - Voyager

7. Hunter Coates - Voyager

8. Mark Carraway - East Carteret

9. Matt Wisniewski - Riverside

10. Mathen Ange - Riverside

11. Zack Wall - Hayesville

12. Cody McKenzie - West Montgomery

13. Taylor Calcutt - Midway

14. Kyle Hawley - Midway

15. Luke Clark - Midway

16. J.P. Padgett - Dixon

17. Samuel Lin - South Hendersonville

18. Trent Watkins - Franklin Academy

19. David Scoggins - Lincoln Charter

20. Drew Wilson - East Surry

21. Justin Sparks - Hendersonville

22. Zach Burkes - Chatham Central

23. Hunter Hamilton - West Montgomery

24. Tim Carter South Roberson

1A Player of the Year

Chase Poplin - South Stanley

2012 4A All State

1.  Trevor Pence - New Bern - POY Mideastern

2.  Matthew Parrish - West Johnson - POY Greater Neuse

3.  Curt Britt - Scotland - POY Southeastern

4.  Wood Myers - Jordan - POY PAC-6

5.  Will Gilbert - Green Hope - POY Tri-Nine

6.  Vance Vizciano - Wakefield - POY Cap Eight

7.  Tommy Marshall - Southern Alamance - POY Metro 7

8.  Matt Orth Southwest - Guilford - POY Piedmont Triad

9.  Corey Randall - Davie County - POY Central Piedmont

10. Trent Thornton - Ardrey Kell - POY Southwestern

11. Mike Herbert - Providence - POY Southwestern

12. Ryan Ryder - North Mecklenburg - POY I-Meck

13. Matt Profitt - Watauga - POY Northwestern

14. Michael Downing - Terry Sanford - POY Mid-South

15. Alex Rayburn - Durham Jordan

16. Brad Stone - Ardrey Kell

17. Landon Lassiter - North Davidson

18. Chance Shepard - Ashley

19. Keaton Haack - NW Guilford

20. Jackson Campana - Providence

21. Garrett Suggs - Fuquay-Varina

22. Corey Kimber - Dudley

23. Jimmy Boyd - Middle Creek

24. Ty Buttrey - Providence

25. Dylan Ward - East Forsyth

26. Matt Eddy - Pinecrest

27. Ryan Foster - Davie County

28. Matt Tenuta - Apex

29. Brandon Gragilla - Hough

30. Johnny Piedmonte - Hough


4A Player of the Year

Curt Britt - Scotland County

2012 3A All State

1.   Harry Ferrguson - Currituck - POY Northeastern Coastal

2.   Davis Kilpatrick - DH Conley - POY Coastal

3.   Jacob Page - Hunt - POY Big East

4.   Chastin Radford - North Lenoir - POY Eastern Carolina

5.   Max Shrock - Card Gibbons - POY Carolina

6.   Nick Collins - Union Pines - POY Cape Fear

7.   Scott Ellington - Williams - POY Mid State

8.   Jailyn Davis - NE Guilford - Co-POY Mid Piedmont 
9.   Jonathan Colyn – Ledford - Co-POY Mid Piedmont

10. Sean Grant - West Iredell - POY North Piedmont

11. Corey Seager - NW Cabarrus - POY South Piedmont

12. Alec Bostwick - Weddington - POY Southern Carolina

13. Tyler Chadwick Marvin Ridge POY Southern Carolina

14. Eddie Hull - Charlotte Catholic - POY Mega 7

15. Nick Triplett - Crest - POY Big South

16. Davis Hanvey Hickory POY Northwestern

17. Dustin Greene - Burns - POY South Mountain Ath

18. Colby Fox - North Buncombe - POY Mountain Ath

19. Rob Howard - Tuscola - POY WNC

20. Markel Jones - West Brunswick

21. Brody Koener - JM Robinson

22. Reily Hovis - Forest View

23. Nick Monroe - Eastern Alamance

24. Nick Debo - Orange

25. DC Arendas - Northern Guilford

26. Jeremy Schellhorn - Weddington

27. Zach Mozingo - Eastern Wayne

28. Kevin Wise - Southern Wayne


3A Player of the Year 

Corey Seager – Northwest Cabarrus

2012 2A All State

1.   Trent Hansley - Topsail - POY East Central

2.   Chad Briley - North Pitt - POY Eastern Plains

3.   Clay Lockamon - Roanoke Rapids - POY Northern Carolina

4.   Matt Fuhr - South Granville - POY Carolina 12

5.   Matt Lowry - North Brunswick - POY Waccamaw

6.   Alex Britt - Fairmont - POY 3 Rivers

7.   Christian Snyder - Providence Grove - POY Mid-State

8.   Dylan Richardson - Randleman - POY Pac-6

9.   Tyler Stroup - East Davidson - POY Central Carolina

10. Jake Walser - West Davidson - POY Central Carolina

11. Colby Barnette - Piedmont - POY Rocky River}

12. Addison Parrish - East Lincoln - POY Southern Piedmont

13. Hunter Harvey - Bandys - POY Catawba Valley

14. Blaine Durham - West Stokes - POY Northwest

15. Stefan Susi - Wilkes Central - POY Mountain Valley

16. Roberto Taft - Polk - POY Western Highlands

17. Hunter Donaldson - North Henderson POY WNC Athletic

18. Hunter Smith - Surry Central

19. Cameron Tekker - Cuthbertson

20. John Mangum - Cuthbertson

21. Ridge Beheler - East Rutherford

22. Lucas Owens - East Rutherford

23. Bryant Battle - North Pitt

24. Chance DuCharme - First Flight

25. Joel Booker - Polk

26. Andrew Webster - Northwood          

27. Zack Cooper - South Granville

28. Cody Trogdon - Randleman

29. Easton Welch - Randleman

30. Hunter Smith - Whiteville

31. Nathan Hood - Whiteville

32. Kyland Tyler - Whiteville

2A Player of the Year

Matt Lowry - North Brunswick

2012 1A All State

1. Terrence Jackson - Creswell - POY Tideland

2. Austin Freese - Perquimans - POY Four Rivers

3. Jonathan Hayes - Gates County - POY Tar-Roanoke

4. Austin Benson - Southwest Onslow - POY Coastal Plains

5. Matt Sugg - Ayden-Grifton - POY Carolina

6. Chad Sykes - Voyager Academy - POY Carolina 12

7. Stephen Wallace - South Stanley - POY Yadkin Valley

8. Zach Wall - Hayesville - POY Smoky Mtn.

9. Jacob Rhodes - Hiwassee Dam - POY Smoky Mtn.

10. Jackson Reister - Mitchell - POY Western Highland

11. Russ Weiker - South Stanley

12 Grayson Short - South Stanley

13. Jordan Starnes - South Stanley

14. Samuel Linn - Hendersonville

15. J. P. Lisk - South Stanley

16. Will Sheppard - West Wilkes

17. Hunter Hamilton - West Montgomery

18. Cody McKenzie - West Montgomery

19. Loy Stone - Voyager Academy

20. Brett Godwin - Midway

21. Riley Baggett - Midway

22. Brandon Marsh - Northside

23. Hunter Early - Manteo

24. J. P. Padgett - Dixon

25. Matt Rouse - Dixon

26. Will Gurganus - Riverside

27. Tyler Woodhouse-  Camden

1A Player of the Year

Stephen Wallace - South Stanley



2011 4A All State

Carlos Rodon - Holly Springs
Dylan Maples - Pinecrest
Alex Raburn - Jordan
Matt Orth - S.W. Guilford
Michael Russell - Hopewell
Jordan Ramsey - North Davidson
Travis Cook - South Caldwell
Lou Adams - South View
Jonathon Kelly - Ashley
Josh Tobias - Southeast Guilford
Will Butler - Wakefield
Brien Taylor - Harnett Central
Logan Ratledge - Ardrey Kell
A. J. Larson - Butler
Alex Ledford - T.C. Robeson
Carson Bryant - T.C. Robeson
Alex Jensen - Charlotte Catholic
Jordan Newsome - Weddington
Brett Austin - Providence
Curt Britt - Scotland County
Chris McCue - Ardrey Kell
Coley Thompkins - Hoggard
Jake Fincher - Providence
Jason Creasey - Clayton
Justin Manning - Holly Springs
Matt Soiter - New Bern
Charlie Herring - J.H. Rose
Luke Dunlap - East Forsyth
Dillon Frye - Lee County

4 A Player of Year 
Carlos Rodon
 - Holly Springs

2011 3A All State

Parker Lamm - Hunt
Benton Moss - Rocky Mount
Jeffrey Springs - South Point 
Seth Bresseale - Union Pines
Peter Owens - Chapel Hill
Jordan Deloatch  -DH Conley
Zach Mozingo  - Eastern Wayne
Ryne Rush - Ashboro
Brody Koerner - JM Robinson
Nick Monroe - Eastern Alamance
Sean Grant - West Iredell
Alex Jensen - Charlotte Catholic
Jordan Newsome - Weddington
Josh Vales - Currituck
Brian Hardy - North Lenoir
Cory Seager - Northwest Cabarrus
Colby Fox - North Buncombe
Kevin Wise  Southern Wayne
Jon Taylor - CB Aycock
Garrett Brown - Erwin
Spencer Wiles - South Point
Dylan Baker - West Henderson
Chastin Radford - North Lenoir
John Edwards - Jacksonville
Luis Paula - Northeast Guilford
Damon Hoggard - West Carteret
Pete Guy - Ledford

3A Player of the Year  
Jeffrey Springs
 - South Point

2011 2A All State

J.D. Chaplain - Owen
Derek Deaton - East Rutherford
Eddie Hawkins - S. Lenoir
Gary Ferguson - West Davidsom
Dylan Richardson - Randleman
Jeremy Null - Burke
Clay Lockaman - Roanoke Rapids
Wes Sowers - Greene Central
Peter Hendel - Cuthbertson
Brandon Warren - Hertford County
Zach Cooper - South Granville
Tucker Coward - Eastern Randolph
Caleb Brawley - Forbush
Justin Leatherwood - Pisgah
Kevin Van Asch - West Stanly
Josh Cochran - West Stanly
Matt Ashorn - Farmville Central
Steven Linkous - North Brunswick
Gus Fesperman - North Stanley
Chip Helton - East Rutherford
Lucas Owens - East Rutherford
Brad Elwood - Piedmont
Joel Booker - Polk County
Roberto Taft - Polk County
Evan Dixon - Northwood
Jacob Shepherd - Bunker Hill
Saquan Johnson - East Bladen
Parker Hills - East Lincoln
Wiley Jackson - East Duplin
Curtis Linthicum - Randleman

2A Player of the Year  Not Awarded

2011 1A All State

David Cook - Plymouth
Dustin Spruill - Perquimans
Conner Cope - Hendersonville
Eric Kalbfleisdh - North Stokes
Thomas Bess - Cherryville
Rookie Davis - Dixon
Justin Coker - Murphy
Zack Wall - Hayesville
Houston Barnes - East Columbus
Derrick Bracey - East Columbus
Timothy Carter - South Robeson
Tyler Stotler - West Wilkes
John Roper - Cherokee
Dylan Hastings - Cherryville
Russ Weiker - South Stanly
Steven Wallace - South Stanly
Landon Fraley - South Stanly
Corey Dick - Albemarle
Jordan Farthing - Midway
Ethan Creed - Elkin
Matt Mauldin - North Rowan
Lee Patillo - Swain County
Caleb Whitley - Williamston

1A Player of the Year 
Russ Weiker
- South Stanly