Our Mission

The North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association (NCBCA) works to promote baseball throughout North Carolina on all levels, little league through college and pro baseball.  The association strives to be a major steward of baseball by upholding its traditions and sportsmanship as well as helping to educate coaches on the rules and fundamentals of the game. The NCBCA is also the voice of high school baseball coaches to the NCHSAA in regards to rule changes and other baseball related issues.  The NCBCA selects the NC Allstate Baseball Team for each level 1A through 4A and sponsors the NCBCA Convention and Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet.  The NCBCA strives to be an organization that helps coaches establish a sense of pride and community for the game of baseball in the great state of North Carolina.

NCBCA Excutive Officers

  • President/Executive Director - Jason Mills
  • Assistant Executive Director/Vice President - Ryan Meadows
  • Secretary - Treasurer - Windell Robertson
  • Assistant Secretary - Treasurer - Bryan Tuck
  • Hall of Fame Chairman - Charlie Spivey
  • All State - Danny Hignight
  • NCBCA Scholarships - Bobby Reynolds

Board of Directors

NCBCA is managed by the following volunteer Board of Directors

  • Marty Curtis
  • Emphse Thompson
  • Dean Dease
  • Bryan Tuck
  • Guy Civitello
  • Danny Hignight
  • Bobby Reynolds
  • Windell Robertson
  • Charlie Spivey
  • Mike Hennessey
  • Ronald Vincent
  • Jeff Shaefer
  • Jason Mills
  • Ryan Meadows
  • Clint Koppe
  • Gary Nail
  • Travis Poole-Past President Emeritus
  • Hal Bagwell-Past President Emeritus

Executive Officers

President / Executive Director

Jason Mills - Head Coach - DH Conley HS

Cell/Text: 252-917-2625

Vice President / Assistant Executive Director

Ryan Meadows - North Pitt HS

Cell/Text: 252-531-1961

Secretary & Treasurer

Windell Robertson - Retired Head Coach - Cox Mill HS

Cell/Text: 704-497-6580


Danny Hignight - Head Coach Providence HS

Cell/Text: 704-619-6312

Hall of Fame

Charlie Spivey - Retired Head Coach - Lee County HS

Cell/Text: 919-642-2007

NCBCA Scholarships

Bobby Reynolds - Retired Head Coach - East Rutherford HS

Cell/Text 828-748-0074


Regional Directors

Region 1
Justin Roberson - Head coach Perquimans HS
Cell / Text 252-435-5038
Region 2
Aaron Rimer - Head Coach New Hanover HS
Cell / Text 704-239-2951
Region 3
Granville Gehris - Head Coach Cary HS
Cell / Text 828-989-4748
Region 4
Sam Guy - Head Caoch Terry Sanford HS
Cell / Text 910-322-2260
Region 5
Jason Smith - Head Coach Southern Alamance HS
Cell / Text 336-214-3768
Region 6
Ryan Benson - Head coach Butler HS
Cell / Text 919-631-9171
Region 7
Brad Rudisill - Head Coach Bunker Hill HS
Cell / Text 828-612-7516
Region 8
Drew Reynolds - Head Coach East Rutherford HS
Cell / Text 704-214-0671